Wild and Crazy Wednesday—Kitty-Cat Art



Does your cat dabble in art? Does she leave interesting paw prints in the dust on your coffee table, paw-paint your floor with water from her water dish, sprinkle kitty sand in unusual patterns around the litter box, shred paper or flower petals into intricate shapes all over the floor, or claw fancy designs on the back of your favorite chair?

Some cats are just creative that way. When our tabby was younger, she etched claw designs on our hallway walls. Why did she do this? I suppose she wanted to know what was behind that white paint (orange paint). Or she was bored and this was her way of entertaining herself. But when she tired of this activity by the time she turned three or four, and we had the walls painted, I couldn’t help but take pictures to preserve her artwork. She also used to enjoy playing with the magnetic alphabet letters we had on our refrigerator for the grandkids. She sometimes managed to spell a word!

Lily has also been known to leave remnants of her art in the litter box. I’ve found heart-shaped clumps in there, a couple of clumps shaped like cats, and quite a bit of abstract art.

She’s also a house decorator. Is this her way of making it clear that she belongs? Or is she lily-pianomaking another kind of statement? She has a basket full of stuffed toys and she rearranges them around the house daily—most of them lined up around my bedroom door and my office. Oh, did I forget to mention that she plays the piano?

You may have read the book, Why Cats Paint—a delightful and beautiful book showing what happens when you give a cat some paint and a canvas. They also have a website where they list feline art galleries in the US and Europe. http://monpa.com/wcp

Do you have an artistic cat? Would love to display some of her work here at my blog site.

In the meantime, there are 16 Klepto Cat Mysteries available featuring a creative and talented klepto cat named Rags. Along with his feline and human friends, he enjoys quite a life of adventure. Check all 16 books out here–all of them are formatted for Kindle and other ereaders. 13 of them are in print. http://amzn.to/1kAI8I2

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