Newsday Tuesday–Pet One Cat and Call Me in the Morning

Therapy animals are becoming more and more prevalent in our society. We’re all familiar with seeing-eye dogs, but now we also use animals for seizures, hearing, stress, emotional problems, social discomfort, and more. We use dogs and cats in education–to help children learn to read, for example. This type program is highlighted in my Klepto Cat Book number 8, Celebrity Cat Caper. There are programs where volunteers take cats and dogs into assisted living homes, which help comfort the animal as well as the individual.

MomSmokeyCornell University of Veterinary Medicine has announced a partnership with the ASPCA to sponsor a program that brings seniors and seniors together. That is people and pets, but not just any pets. These are cats that have found themselves in animal shelters. Read about this pawsitively purrfect partnership here:

Studies have shown that having an animal around can actually affect one’s health in important ways, such as lowering blood pressure, feeling calmer when under pressure. This article at the National Center for Health Research website gives a good overview of these scientific studies.

I’ve also heard of cats curing disease or at least easing the symptoms quite dramaticly. If you’ve had such an experience or you know someone who has, please share the story here.

While researching for this post, I came across an astonishing new piece of cancer research.



There’s been some research indicating that there could be a cancer cure covered up in the litter box? Check out this story here:

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