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Mindful Monday—Cats on the Move

Last month, I posted snippets about the Cat Writers Association/Blog Paws Conference I attended. I reported on some of attendees who brought their cats, dogs, even ferrets and a rat, many of them dressed up and being pushed around in … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday – Prima Donna Cats

Isn’t this a lovely photo of our two girls? I believe I’ve used it before. But I’d forgotten about the drama that occurred before I could get this shot. I’m in the process of putting together a photo log to … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – Cats and Owls

I couldn’t resist sharing this picture I took of Lily and a stuffed owl my granddaughter gave me. Lily looks like she’s singing to him. I’ve been sneaking around the meadows where I take my daily walk, trying to photograph … Continue reading

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Wild and Sometimes Crazy Wednesday – Affectionate Cats

The world loves a lover. But some people prefer cats with a more stand-offish personality—those that keep their distance. Others love a lap cat—one that will cuddle. And when you rescue, like most of us do, you never know what … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday – Cats That Come in Small Packages

We often say how cool it would be if a kitten would stay a kitten. They grow out of their kittenish ways so fast. In a matter of a few months, it’s hard to recall how tiny a kitten once … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday – Smarty Cats

I suppose all cat people consider their own cats exceptional. Some believe their cat is heads and tails above the rest. You know some of these people: They go through life either disliking or simply disinterested in cats until…Yes, until … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday – Saving Cats: It’s All in Your Perspective

A family member just returned from a Mediterranean cruise. She commented on how many cats she saw in Greece. She said they were wandering around the cities, hanging out in the shops and there were water bowls everywhere for them. … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday –Cats Who Visit From the Other Side

This week, we talked about cloning as an option to enjoy your pet longer—well, an option for those with lots of money to spare. Today, I’d like to share some thoughts about another phenomenon—one not backed up by science (that … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday — Exploring the Cloning Controversy

Yesterday we talked about cloning our pets. I think we’ve all had wonderful cats with maybe a few not so wonderful habits or idiosyncrasies, quirks, behaviors. I wonder if science will reach the point where they can isolate the beautiful … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday – Would You Clone Your Precious Pet?

They’ve actually gone and done it! A company called ViaGen Pets announced yesterday that they delivered the first American-born cloned puppy—a Jack Russell Terrier named Nubia. Evidently, ViaGen has been offering cloning services for livestock for over ten years. You  … Continue reading

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