Thoughts for Thursday – Cats and Owls

LilyOwlIMG_2288I couldn’t resist sharing this picture I took of Lily and a stuffed owl my granddaughter gave me. Lily looks like she’s singing to him.

I’ve been sneaking around the meadows where I take my daily walk, trying to photograph a great horned owl family. And I find it interesting how cat-like the owls are. Those owls stare through large round eyes similar to cat eyes. The owls’ found faces, ear tufts, and soft feathers also give them a cat-like appearance. Yet in reality and in nature, cats are prey to owls.

But not all owls and cats seem to know this, as some have become unlikely friends and playmates, as in the children’s story, The Owl and the Pussycat.

Check out this unlikely pal duo. Tooooo cute:


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