Mindful Monday–What Your Cat Can Teach You

George wants to know more about the Klepto Cat

George wants to know more about the Klepto Cat

Cats teach us to be real. They don’t put on pretenses. They are who they are every minute of their existence.

They know where they belong. Like the refrigerator magnet at my mom’s house says, “If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat.”

They demonstrate the importance of taking care of their own needs first and foremost. You may need to take a nap, but you’d better feed a hungry cat first, or you won’t get any rest.

And they show us how to get what we need whether it is food or affection. How? Ask for it. In fact, insist upon it.

We’ve all observed the patience of a cat when she’s stalking her prey or simply practicing her prowess with an elusive butterfly. Would that we could all be that patient while waiting in line at the grocery store or when stuck in gridlock.

Not everyone finds cats captivating and not every cat will tolerate those people who don’t.

Max and Lily Sharing Space

Max and Lily Sharing Space

Maybe you’ve noticed this: A cat can walk into a room full of people and pick out the ailurophobes (those who fear or dislike cats). You’ll recognize them, too. Just watch to see who your cat gravitates toward. I don’t think it’s that the cat wants to scare or anger the person; rather, perhaps he hopes to change them.

Many a cat has wormed her way into what was once a closed heart. Unsuspecting cat haters throughout the centuries have been taken in by the allure of calculating cats. And most of them say in their own defense, “This cat isn’t like all the others. This cat is different.” In reality, these people just never bothered to acquaint themselves with a cat before. That’s all. To know one is to love him, right?

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