Meet Smokey


This is my mom’s cat, Smokey. We think he is at least part Maine coon. He is one of a handful of cats and kittens that have emerged from the barranca behind my parents’ house over the years. My dad used to say that there was a whole village of cats living in the barranca, each just waiting their turn to move in. For years, whenever one of my parents’ beloved cats crossed over the rainbow bridge, another one would show up.

Smokey has been happily with my mom now for about ten years. And they have a pretty good feline-human understanding of their relationship and how each of them fits into it. As any cat person knows, if the cat is happy, everyone is happy and Mama has learned how to keep Smokey happy. He doesn’t have rich tastes or unique demands. As long as he can enjoy chards of sunlight rippling across his back each morning, quiet time on a padded chair in the backyard every warm afternoon, petting on demand and dinner served on time, Smokey is content.

He does rebel a little when his comfort zone is interrupted. He can’t understand why Mama won’t make the rain stop when he wants to go out to chase lizards and butterflies. And he really, really hates it when the wind blows because this always means a bad hair day for Smokey.

On pages 74-75 of Catscapades, Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats, you’ll find a story about Smokey. I call it, “The Tale of Smokey’s Tail.” Smokey has an extraordinary tail—it is very Maine coon cat-like in that it is long, full and quite expressive. But there was a time when Smokey lost the use of his tail and almost the tail itself.

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