Frigie FryPan Kitty–the Saga Continues


Those of you who have read the story of Frigie FryPan in my book, Catscapades, Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats, know that he is no ordinary cat. Oh no, he is definitely one of the extraordinary cats. (Actually, most people who see this book challenge my title, saying that there is no such thing as an “ordinary” cat.)

As you can see from this photo, Frigie is curious. He wants to explore and experience everything that’s available to him just as fast and furious as he can. I have not met this cat—my grand-cat—yet, but it sounds to me as if he has the cat version of ADD. My daughter’s frequent phone calls, these days, always start out with something like this, “You’ll never guess what Frigie did today.” And she’s right, I never can guess. His antics are just too bizarre and mostly uncatlike.

This picture shows Frigie the day he helped clean the stove. Last week, he set out to more closely examine the large bags of kitty litter that my daughter bought on sale. She placed them safely on top of the large freezer in their garage. But, in this household, there are no “safe” places. In his spare time, which Frigie seems to have too much of, he discovered the kitty litter and proceeded to open the bags, which created a lovely “sand” fall cascading down the freezer and onto the floor. I’m sure this kept him entertained for a good while. Needless to say, my daughter didn’t appreciate his handiwork when she saw the sandy mess.

My daughter once bought some pies for a special occasion and set them up out of reach of any normal cat—who would not be interested in pies, in the first place. But Frigie, as I said, is not a normal cat and he thought the pies were for him. So he just helped himself. Sometimes he shares his finds with the other, less creative, cat and the short-legged dogs. Like, for example, the doggie bag of steak (or was it ribs) that the family brought home one night.

Frigie could keep people entertained (and other cats intrigued) by his antics through a blog of his own, don’t you think? In the meantime, read about him in Catscapades, Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats. On pages 38-40, I tell about his catnapping ordeal. Yes, two catnappers grabbed him, put him in a sewing machine case and drove off. It wasn’t long, however, before they tired of him and brought him back. My daughter and granddaughter were delighted to see their Frigie come back to them. Now, they aren’t quite so sure it was a good thing. He is more of a handful than they ever expected.

What other cat do you know who loves to nap inside the refrigerator or a clean frying pan on top of the stove? Frigie does. He also likes to be involved in the morning shower routines, see what’s cooking in the oven and ride on the back of a horse.

Read more about Frigie and 40 other cats in Catscapades, Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats. Order your copy here:

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