Reading Faster Than I Can Write

Maybe Cats Are Smarter, Too

Maybe Cats Are Smarter, Too

There seem to be two types of readers for my Klepto Cat Mystery series. Those who have just discovered them and are eager to read them and those who have read them all and can’t wait for the next one. I’m probably a more prolific writer than most authors, but I still can’t keep up with some of my voracious readers. I guess that’s why blogs were invented. A story a day might satisfy those readers who can’t get enough of Rags (the klepto cat) and his family and friends.

I’ve never been one to write short stories. Ask my friends, I don’t even tell short stories. In fact, ask me to write a brief description or article and I will probably spend all day trying to tighten it up.

For those of you who are waiting for the next installment of Rags’s adventures, I’m shooting for the end of March or early April. Those who prefer print to Kindle, five of the books are available in print and the 6th should debut in about a month.

You can always check my website at, to see what’s happening with the Klepto Cat Mysteries. Or visit my page at Here’s the secret link:

The latest Klepto Cat Mystery is Mansion of Meows.

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