Kitty Cat Energy



My life is full of kitties—three in the household and oodles of them in my 9 Klepto Cat Mystery books. Have you read the latest, Mansion of Meows? So far, it has all 5-star reviews. It’s a hit with readers.

But if you haven’t read any of the Klepto Cat Mysteries, and if you like cats and enjoy cozy mysteries, I suggest you start with the first Klepto Cat Mystery—Catnapped. This story introduces the main characters, including Rags, the loveable kleptomaniac cat who can’t stay out of trouble and who often saves the day. It also features an exciting mystery that will keep you reading.

These stories are light reading and full of kitty cat energy. Order your Kindle and print copies here: $2.99 for Kindle copies.

Let me know if you would like to receive a review copy for your Kindle. That means, I give you a free copy and you post an honest review at Contact me here:


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