Mansion of Meows a HIT

I’m having a ball promoting the latest in my Klepto Cat Mystery series, Mansion of Meows. Even my mother said she couldn’t put it down because there was so much action.  The reviews are GREAT and I’m already planning a blog tour for the week of March 9-15.

Ever been on a blog tour? That’s where you stop over at certain blog sites where you’ll find something fun related to the book or series being featured. It might be a book review or a guest post by the author. I’ve shared recipes on my blog tours, my cat character’s perspective on something interesting, some of my writing secrets, and so forth. There’s also often a book give-away at some of the stops.

If you aren’t familiar with the Klepto Cat Mysteries, check them out here:

Catnapped is the first in the series. It’s easy to find the books by number at The Kindle version is $2.99. Five of the books are also in print form. If you like cats and light mysteries, you’re probably going to enjoy the Klepto Cat Mysteries.lilysophie-030-2

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