Meowy Monday – How Cats Move Us

Cats have been used in advertising for years. I have a large poster with pix of adorable cats promoting a variety of products—cat food and litter, of course, but also matches, sewing thread, department stores, hats, mortgage companies, biscuits, milk, and so much more.

Celebrities are often photographed with their cats—giving the actor, model, or politician a softer, caring side. I think we’ve even seen cats advertising motorcycles and cars.

One of the most lovely jobs for cats is as a therapist—a therapy cat. Cats are natural calming agents for those who live with them, but some cats are chill enough to live in a library or a bookstore, nursery, and so forth to delight and entertain shoppers and visitors. Cats are also taken into assisted living homes and hospitals as therapy cats. The Denver and the San Francisco airports are a few who offer therapy cats for tense travelers.

Well, here’s a first for me—a library in Massachusetts is waiving library late fees and costs for lost books if the patron brings in a picture of a cat.

What are some of the most creative and unusual ways you’ve seen a cat or cats used to promote and help?

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