Feline Fun Friday – Which Olivia will I wake up to today?

This is a question I ask nearly every day. Why? As you know, Olivia is a calico and she has her moods. She can be energetic, playful, wildly athletic, and eager for an audience that cheers her on. She can also be…gosh I dislike using the term aloof.  But I’m afraid it describes Olivia at times. Yes, she can be a bit of a snob—you know, snooty and distant. She wants to hide even from us. She seems distant. I can approach her and give her snuggles and tiny kisses, but she doesn’t always respond by rolling over and showing her fluffy tummy and purring.

Her veterinarian has labeled her a Chimera because she has the markings of a Chimera—half of her face is black and half partly orange—with a definite line down the middle. She has a line down the middle of her back, too—half orange, half black.

The thoughts about a Chimera cat is that she was actually two kittens, but melded into one while in the womb. Could this be why Olivia has two such distinct personalities? She can be an over-the-top lovebug/snugglebug with a big purr. But there are days when we rarely see her. She opts to hang out in a closet or under the bed. She might come out in the evening, but stares at us from across the room, not wanting to engage.

She is a puzzle—keeps us guessing and I always wonder, which Olivia to expect when I wake up in the morning.


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