Feline Fun Friday – Your Cats’ Favorite Gift

Did your cat receive Christmas gifts? What was her favorite, a cozy new bed, an exciting toy, or her very own catio? Maybe you or someone else got her a new cat tree or built a ladder and perches along a wall for her to enjoy.

How did you spoil your cat this Christmas? Did you purchase something elaborate or did you simply make her a condo using Chewie and Amazon boxes? Maybe you bought her a harness and leash and plan to leash train her in 2024, or a safe-kitty car seat for a trip you want to take with your cat. Some cats will be content just with a box of cat grass or a new batch of catnip.

Some cat owners make something for their cats. I remember once seeing cozy cat tunnel beds at a boutique. I came home and decided to make one for my cats. We had four cats at the time. As I worked on the little sleeping bag, one of my cats hung close, watching the process. Before I was quite finished with it, she dove into it and curled up. Yup, that’s when I knew that my gift was going to be accepted and enjoyed by at least one of my cats.

Dinah loved that tunnel bed and slept in it, but she was the only one of the cats that ever used it. I guess it was meant for Dinah all along.

Olivia’s favorite gift this year was a wind-up rat. She’s fascinated by that thing and loves chasing it and batting it around and attacking it. It’s like she’s found a real play pal.


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