Paws Up for Wednesday – Cats: Givers and Helpers

Today I want to talk about how cats give and help. Oh, what a beautiful world it is with cats in it. You know how much you receive from your cat or cats. Sure they can be somewhat or a lot aloof, sassy, and downright naughty, but here are a couple of articles that remind us of how very special all cats are and how super special some are.

This article talks about the basics of cat love and how it actually affects us even in small doses throughout an ordinary day with our pet cats. Read it again and again so you’ll begin to realize some of the values of cats that you may not always appreciate. Then go hug your cat—unless she’s not in the mood, then wait until she is. You know the drill.

This article tells the true story of an amputee cat and an amputee human who have partnered to work miracles through a therapy program. Heart-warming.


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