Feline Fun Friday – How Does Your Cat Do Christmas?

Most of us, who have had cats for a long time, know the dangers of the holidays for cats—toxic plants and flowers that might be brought into the house, the toppling of a beautiful Christmas tree, indoor cats getting out during holiday gatherings, seasonal foods that are toxic to cats. But aside from chocolate, onion-laden dishes, poinsettias and lilies, there are other dangers to watch for this season.

I had a cat that ate ribbon and string and yarn. I had to give up ribbon around packages. One Christmas day we discovered that she was also nibbling on metallic bows. Now I no longer use those, either.

You may remember learning the dangers of tinsel and angel hair for cats in years past. But there are other things to consider. We had a cat get his head caught in the handle of a gift bag once. No damage done, but it sure gave the cat a fright.

What unexpected danger has your cat brought to your attention during the holiday season?


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2 Responses to Feline Fun Friday – How Does Your Cat Do Christmas?

  1. JoAnne Greene says:

    I no longer put up a tree. Too many dangerous things! I just put out small wooden Christmas trees and inbreakable figurines such as Santa surrounded by kitties, etc. less to put away in January too!

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