Paws Up for Wednesday – What’s Happening in the KC and CC Mystery Factory?

Olivia’s first Christmas story is making the rounds. It’s our top selling book this season—as it should be. Meanwhile, this morning I’ll finish the process of preparing the manuscript for Book 67 of the Klepto Cat series for formatting. The formatting will be done for the print book, then I’ll proof that version, which is another intense process. Once I’m satisfied, I’ll send that book to be formatted for the Kindle. It’s actually possible that we’ll publish before the end of the year, which would bring my total of books published in 2023 to 13.

Olivia’s Book 18 is next in line for publication. This manuscript is completed and it has been read by the beta reader. Once I hand off Book 67 to the Kindle formatter, I’ll focus on preparing Olivia’s Book 18 for the professional editing process. Look for it to come out sometime in January or February.

I think you’ll enjoy both of these books. Book 67 takes many twists and turns—more than the usual and it requires a lot of detective work as it involves a very old mystery that may have been wrongly solved. Leave it to Rags to lead investigators to the truth.

Book 18 of Olivia’s series features some interesting opportunities for Olivia, including—would you believe—an acting career. This book really has an edge-of-your seat storyline. Can’t wait to present it to Olivia’s fans.

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