New Klepto Cat Mystery on the Horizon

It may seem as though I’m missing in action. Actually, I’ve been busy preparing more Klepto Cat Mysteries for your reading enjoyment. Celebrity Cat Caper will be on Kindle soon. Watch for it within the next few days. I love the cover—elegant, mysterious.

In Celebrity Cat Caper, we find Rags, the Klepto Cat, taking the spotlight in a documentary. Savannah and Michael Ivey, Rags’s guardians and local veterinarians, offer strangers shelter in a rainstorm, unaware that one of them has a sinister past. Rags helps uncover a mystery that has baffled locals for years.

I’m also writing the next in the series. I won’t share my working title because that might change. But I can tell you there’s LOTS of horse energy in this story. One of Rags’s (the Klepto Cat) best friends is a horse named Peaches. The mare leads Savannah, Michael and some of their friends on quite an adventure.

Read all five Klepto Cat Mysteries on Kindle. Catnapped, Cat-Eye Witness, and Sleight of Paw are also in print.

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