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Lily is waiting patiently for the next book

Lily is waiting patiently for the next book

I’ve done my part to bring you more Klepto Cat Mysteries, but I’m waiting for others to do the processes I haven’t learned to do—prepare the book for Kindle, create a cover design, etc.

Hopefully, next week, book six, The Celebrity Cat Caper will be on Kindle. The Cover is amazing! Watch for my announcement. Undercover Cat (book four) is being prepared for print. It will join books one through three as a print book.

I finished writing book seven yesterday. It will go to the proofreader in a few days.

Yes, moving right along.

In the meantime, we’re driving our own three cats crazy with household upgrades. They HATE the intrusion into their peaceful existence. And we detest upsetting them. They seem to recover nicely, though. At the end of the work day, when things quiet down, our fur kids venture out from under the bed and under the blankets in the bed and seem unaffected by the chaos that went on around here during the day.

If you haven’t read any of my Klepto Cat Mysteries, consider buying them for your Kindle. They’re only $2.99. Here’s the line-up, in case you want to read them in order. (While the characters’ lives and relationships progress, each book can stand alone.) Catnapped, Cat-Eye Witness, Sleight of Paw, Undercover Cat, The Colony Cat Caper. Coming soon, Celebrity Cat Caper.

These stories revolve around Rags, a confident cat with a most unusual habit. He’s a kleptomaniac. And the things he “takes” sometimes lead to solving a mystery. His caretakers are Savannah and Michael Ivey, veterinarians. Savannah’s Aunt Margaret plays a major role in the stories and new, interesting characters are added in each book. Most readers love Charlotte, a young friend of Savannah’s (and Rags). Charlotte has Downs syndrome and a strong affection for cats. Detective Craig Sledge is introduced in the 2nd book—Cat-Eye Witness—and has become a strong character in all subsequent books.

Order the Klepto Cat Mysteries for your Kindle today. http://amzn.to/1kAI8I2

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