Meowy Monday – Oh, the Difference a Cat Can Make

Have you ever invited a cat in or brought one home from a shelter or rescued one from a box of kittens in front of a grocery store and realized later that it was meant to be? How often have you felt as if the cat rescued you as much as you rescued the cat? Maybe you suddenly found yourself smiling and laughing more as you cared for this fur-being and learned more about his or her personality. You felt good to give the cat or kitten a warm place in your home and soon found that creature was also warming your heart.

Oh yes, rescue very often works both ways—you save the cat and the cat ends up saving you from loneliness, perhaps or from the pain of loss.

Each cat we care for gives back in some way, but I believe that those cats we cherished the most are those that we took in when we most needed the love, distraction, entertainment, comfort. They came to us at a time when we were hurting or struggling. And most often their entrance into our life was not brought about by our conscious effort. It was as if the universe orchestrated the union, and sometimes we don’t even realize the impact a cat has on us until the cat crossed the rainbow bridge.

There are so many cat “holidays” each year recognizing the cat and our connection to the cat. Why not a day honoring those special fur-beings that rescued us when we especially needed a friend, support, love, and a sense of joy in our lives?

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