Feline Fun Friday – How Do You Have Fun With Your Cat?

Thanksgiving is over. You are probably one of many who either entertained at home or you spent time in the kitchen preparing a dish to share and had dinner away from home. Either way, it surely upset your cat’s daily routine. She’s glad to be back to normal today, but maybe she’s also a bit needy—she needs you to assure her that everything’s okay.

How? Either stick to your routine with her as much as possible—enjoying snuggle time in the morning, give her a treat snack at the usual time, open a window for her to look up (make sure the screen is tightly in place), take her outside for a jaunt under supervision, of course. And you might want to add something new to your routine with your cat.

Sometimes cats get bored. These ideas will change that in a hurry.

1: Introduce a new toy or two. If she has a basket full of toys, switch them around. Bring out some she hasn’t seen for a while. If she doesn’t know what to do with the toy, play with her—show her some interesting ways to play with the toy.

2: Gather up some of those boxes you’ve been receiving on your porch, cut windows and doors in them, and stack them for your cat to play in. If you’re really creative, design a maze across the living room floor and place toys here and there inside it.

3: Tip over her cat tree or jungle gym to give her a different experience.

4: Introduce a box of cat grass. Cats love nibbling on grass. You can find it in pet stores and sometimes in the produce department of your grocery store.

5: If your cat has a tunnel, ours has 3 tunnel sets, toss toys or paper wads into them and watch your cat leap after them or spring into the air to catch them.

6: Watch your cat to see what she’s interested in and use that to play with her.

Tip: A little catnip might put her in a playful mood (or she’ll go to sleep and you can get back to reading your book.)

7: I bought kitty-cat chew sticks for Olivia and she likes to bat them around on the bare floors and I like to see her get some good exercise, so I toss them down the hallway for her to chase. Of course, I generally have to do the fetching.

Cats are naturally playful Even as they age, they will bat or leap at something and this is good for both of you because exercise is good for her and laughter is good for you.


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