Feline Fun Friday – Cats Doing Interesting Things

Cats are smart. Some of us have had cats all our lives and we’ve witnessed some incredible things our cats have done. We’re also exposed to clever and creative cats through the internet—things I don’t remember ever seeing a cat do.

For example, there are cats that can make themselves small enough to squeeze under a closed door. They can open doors. I saw a cat on facebook the other day, pull a rug through a sliding glass door until the bulk of the rug opened the door and then the cat was able to meet his goal—go outside.

We see cats overcome physical obstacles and cleverly avoid obstacles, let birds out of their cage, get into cabinets, open packages, secure other cats inside cabinets or boxes, find a treat and so much more. Cats can hide so well you think she must have sneaked outside or someone took her. We found our inside cat, Lily behind the TV once after looking even outside for her. What a fright—neighbors were in the pajamas helping us look for her. It was a scare. We also had a cat, Katie, who fell (or pushed her way) out a window over night. I found her at the front door in the morning.

We see cats traveling, walking on leashes, cruising around the neighborhood on their own, and they’ll sometimes let us known when their favorite toy is stuck under the refrigerator.

I’ve even heard of a kitten hiding quite successfully in a tissue box.

Lily was a creative cat. As a kitten she learned that when she touched the keys on a piano, they made sounds. As you can see, she liked making those sounds.


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