Meowy Monday – Looking Back at Halloween

I realized after Halloween that I’ve collected some fun shots of cats with pumpkins—black cats with pumpkins, at that. Since I forgot to share them in the blog the week of Halloween, I’ve decided to post them today. I didn’t think you’d mind.

I also have pictures of cats with beer bottles, cats in boxes, cats sleeping in cute positions, cats posing in adorable positions, cats eating, cats drinking, cats in cages and carriers and cars. I have photos of kittens being cuddled, cats making faces, hiding cats, cats with other animals (horses, dogs, birds…) I even have cats clowning around, sleeping, leaping, being sassy, being cute, and, as you saw on Friday, even cats playing the piano.

Maybe next year I’ll remember to use these pictures on Halloween, but I’m sure you don’t mind seeing these today—they’re pretty cute.

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