Feline Fun Friday – Oh Those Hilarious Cat Memes

Ever wonder what a meme is and where the term came from? Technically, it’s purported to be “a unit of cultural information spread by imitation.” And while we may think so, because the term is so widespread over the internet, it’s nothing new. It’s not, like, ancient, either.

It’s thought that this concept was first introduced in 1976 by an evolutionary biologist in one of his works. The word meme come from the Greek mimema, meaning imitated. I’d say that the internet and cats—cats on the internet—have certainly made the term famous.

I don’t think we care as much about the history or the background of a meme as we do about enjoying the results of the memes people have created. For many of us that’s cat memes in particular. In case you want a chuckle or you have nothing better to do, here are a couple of sites featuring some hilarious and fun cat memes. Have fun.




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