Feline Fun Friday – How Flexible is Your Cat?

Cats are unique in so many ways—in the way they act and react and think and even in the way they’re built. Cats are extremely flexible, which makes them one of the most successful hunters in the animal kingdom. They can spring into the air from a standing or sitting position up to 9 times their height, flip over in midair and land on their feet, twist into the most unusual positions, and squeeze into tiny spaces. Have you seen videos of cats that can squeeze under a closed door—oh my.

And they’re fast. A racehorse can run about 40 mph, but for only twenty seconds. A cat, when running, can spring forward with each step 3 times its body length and run as fast as 30 mph. Their relative, the cheetah, runs 70 mph at full speed.

What makes cats so flexible? It’s the way they’re put together. For example, their shoulder blades are attached by muscle only. And they have extremely fast reactions. I recall trying to leash train one of our cats. We put a harness on him and he immediately leaped, flipped, and the harness was lying on the ground beside him, the fasteners still connected. We put it on him again—only a little tighter and he did the same maneuver—flipping himself out of it. It was amazing to see. In fact quite unbelievable. Did he turn himself inside out in order to get out of that thing? It seemed like it.

This evening as you play with your cat and watch her play, observe how she moves. Cats are a marvel in so many ways and the way they’re put together is just one incredible example of that.


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