Paws Up for Wednesday–NEW Calico Cat Mystery

Yes, there’s another new Calico Cat Mystery ready for you to read on your e-reader or in book form.  Order your copy TODAY at Here’s the description for “Love, Light, and Olivia.”

Olivia puts her best paw forward.

Olivia has been invited to be a flower-cat in a wedding and becomes the center of attention. But first she has a job to do—find some lost kittens. Along the way she helps rescue a puppy from clueless, abusive people; she encounters a man from her past who reveals a secret about Olivia that even Parker didn’t know. She brings help to a horse in trouble, thwarts an attack on a newborn calf, and she establishes order among a gaggle of geese. In this story Olivia meets some of the most fascinating characters. Does she ultimately find the lost kittens? Read the book. You’ll be glad you did.

Reader Reviews:

“You just have to love Olivia.”

“There’s always a happy ending when Olivia solves a mystery.”

“I very much love this series and this author.”

“This is a fun series. Keep them coming.”

My cover designer/artist is Bernadette Kasmarski. Don’t you love her work?


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