Feline Fun Friday – Celebrating the Big Cats

A lot is changing in our world and it is affecting our wild animals—those whose environment we have encroached on. It’s probably safe to say that every one of us is living where wild animals once roamed, and we’ve managed to kill off some species. Here, it is the bald eagle (and other birds of prey) and the grizzly bear. The grizzly never had a chance, but we have been successful in reviving the eagles—to a point, anyway.

Lately, animals that have lived hidden away in the wilderness are coming closer and closer to civilization. Here, we’re seeing the condors flying overhead, bears are visiting backyard trash containers, and there are more mountain lion sightings than ever before—closer than ever before.

This might be because of wildlife cameras. They might have been taking shortcuts through neighborhoods for years without us knowing it—except for a very occasional sighting. But now we are aware that large wild animals are coming close and they’re causing trouble and concern.

They’re wild animals, after all—doing what they’ve done for centuries—whatever they can to stay alive and well-fed.

Today I’m sharing some of my fun and fascinating wild life photos of cats in captivity. Yeah, it’s sad to see them behind bars. Is it worse to see them alongside the road, hit by a car?


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