Feline Fun Friday – Paper Wads and Other Non-Cat Toys

Does your cat choose her own toys? My cats have always enjoyed playing with my pens or paperclips, bobbins dangling from a knitting project I’m working on or the ball of yarn. Olivia likes twister ties and large plastic lids (like off a bottle of milk or orange juice), as well as small plastic bottles.

Another favorite of my cats over the years is paper wads. I go through a lot of paper, so I often wad up used pages and toss it for the cats to play with. While most of the cats would just bat the wads around, Sophie preferred to shred them. She was our shredder. In fact, she’d often make herself a nice nest-bed with her shreddings.

Olivia adores leaping into the air for the paper wads. What an acrobat she is. We also have a game we play every night before bed where we toss paper wads and some of her soft toys on top of one of her tunnels and she dives inside and bats them off. This gives her exercise and something to focus on. She has fun and we laugh hysterically at her antics.

What is your cat’s favorite non-toy toy?


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  1. mary mcneil says:

    Dusty enjoys an old golf ball. It bangs into the front of the cupboards much better than those cat toy ones.

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