Feline Fun Friday – Christmas Gifts For Cats

In case you need to do any last minute shopping, Olivia wanted me to offer some ideas for her cat fans out there. Here’s her gift list for cats:

A bird feeder either attached to the window so your cat can watch the birds up close and personal or at least at a close enough distance so she has a good view.

A water fountain. Cats love to lap fresh running water. Olivia sometimes enjoys just sitting in front of her fountain watching it.

More tunnels, cat trees and other climbing apparatus. Olivia says, “A cat can never have too many of these.”

Treats. Olivia likes dried chicken treats and Greenies—chicken flavored.

But time is the best gift of all. Time spent with your beloved cat(s) just hanging out, playing, watching her play—Olivia loves an audience. She also appreciates our participation.

There you have it: Olivia’s Christmas gift list for your favorite cat.

Meowy Catmas to you all.


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