Meowy Monday – The Day After For Your Cat

Your cats are just getting used to the strange and colorful things you’ve brought into your house this month and hearing the sound of Christmas carols, watching pretty packages appear then disappear, having guests in and opening gifts out leaving pretty paper and ribbon to play with. Now you’re going to put it all away? What will your cat think?

Will she miss the tree and the ornaments? Or will she relax once the house and the energy level of everyone returns to the normal she’s accustomed to?

Olivia hasn’t missed a beat with all the changes around our house. She’s paid little attention to the tree and packages. She simply doesn’t seem impressed. In fact I’ve had trouble getting pictures of her with the tree or any of our decorations because she stays away from them. Should I encourage her to get into the holiday spirit by posing her or putting a Santa hat on her? I don’t think so. Olivia doesn’t do holidays.

For those of you who’ve enjoyed watching your cats participate in the holiday—you know, curl up under the tree, allow you to dress her up all Christmassy, crawl into a box while you’re wrapping, and play with the ribbon, here’s a treat. A whole bunch of photos of cats at Christmastime. Enjoy:

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