Paws Up for Wednesday – Why You Don’t See Cats in Pet Stores

Pet sales in pet stores is a thing of the past in many states. In fact, more and more states are passing laws to prevent breeders from selling animals through pet stores.

How many of you have bought a cat or a dog from a pet store? I have. I bought my registered Himalayan cat as a kitten from a pet store over thirty years ago. But that is no longer an option in many states—breeders have been banned from selling their purebred cats and dogs and some other animals through pet stores.

You may still see cats in pens at your local pet store, but those are generally rescued cats and kittens that are up for adoption. I know of pet stores in our area that showcase cats and kittens for rescue shelters.

Which states honor the ban? California became the first to initiate the ban in 2017. New York is the latest, but there are a lot of states in between that have passed the law to prohibit the sale of dogs and cats and, in some case, rabbits in order to prevent the operation of kitten, puppy, and bunny mills.

While the ban is state-wide in some states, others are only partially participating in the ban. Here’s a list of states showing their level of participation in this ban.

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2 Responses to Paws Up for Wednesday – Why You Don’t See Cats in Pet Stores

  1. Kat says:

    We bought both our cats in a pet store here in Arizona, but one was offered by the Humane Society program and the other from a private pet sanctuary program.

    • Patricia says:

      That’s the way to do it–Good job. Here, too, pet stores are teaming up with cat rescue programs to give the cats more exposure and a greater chance at adoption.

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