Meowy Monday – Cat PURRdicaments

We hear about cats finding themselves in strange situations. I guess that’s where the saying about curiosity killing the cat comes from. I’ve heard of cats being closed in refrigerators, cabinets, car and truck engine compartments, and more. My daughter’s cat climbed into her oven once while she was cleaning it. Another one of her cats got caught in the engine of their car and came out missing some of his fur.

There are many dangers for cats even inside the safety of a home. Our calico, Olivia, hadn’t

been with us for too long when I closed her in a closet over night. Oh, the anguish I felt over that when I discovered her inside the closet waiting patiently for someone to release her.

I won’t even go into the stories I know of cats that didn’t survive the results of their curious nature. Too sad.

But here’s a story of a cat that did survive a very strange and surprising experience. Did you read about the cat found zipped into a suitcase that was on its way to the baggage compartment on an airliner? Thankfully workers saw the cat in an x-ray and released it. As I understand it no one knows if this was intentional—did the owners put the cat in there? Or did the cat happen to crawl into the space without telling anyone?

The cat was alive and well when it was discovered. Didn’t it meow while on the way to the airport in the car? Didn’t anyone hear it? Wouldn’t you like to know the rest of this story?

If you’re a new cat owner or you have an extremely curious cat, you might want to read this article (link below) featuring some of the household dangers to cats. There might be things on this list you never thought of. For example, we had a cat that secretly ate ribbon, string, metallic bows. When we found out we had to give up any fancy gift-wrapping around our house. I also had a cat once that swallowed a needle. True and sad story. She survived, and I learned a lesson. A neighbor’s cat was banned from the house because of her passion for chewing electrical wires.

This article neglects to mention mechanical chairs—recliners. Kittens are especially vulnerable to the dangers that lurk there for them. If you’ve recently adopted a kitten, please read this article and watch your kitten closely to learn what things she’s attracted to that might be a danger—chocolate, toxic plants, the fireplace, the clothes dryer, the toilet, all sorts of things in a garage.

Keeping a cat safe is not always an easy task, but it’s certainly a seriously worthwhile endeavor.


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