Feline Fun Friday – The CATastic History of Cats in Colorado

Here’s another article I think you’ll enjoy—especially if you have ties to cats and to Colorado. It seems that people in Colorado—especially in the Denver area—love-love-love their cats. In fact it is told that the first cat café to open in the US was the Denver Cat Company that opened in 2014—yes, in Denver.

I’m sure that many states have interesting histories around cats, but in Colorado, they’ve actually documented some of theirs and boy are they interesting. In one story, a man asked a friend who was doing some mining in CO what he could bring to help out. The miner said, “Cats.” So the man bought cats for ten cents from kids in his area, took 150 of them to Colorado and sold them for $10 each. That’s how important they were to the miners who were dealing with a huge rat problem.

There’s a story about a 9-year-old in Colorado who taught his cat to perform tricks. There was also a cat in Colorado that could play the piano. And did you know that the novel and the movie, “The Incredible Journey,” stemmed from a true story of a cat left behind in New York when his family moved and finding his way back to his family in their new home in Denver?

Here’s the story of cat history in Colorado



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