Paws Up for Wednesday – Freckled Cats

As you may know I include a lot of facts in my fiction stories. My writing goal is to teach, inform, entertain, inspire, and delight through my cozy cat mysteries. So I do a lot of research. One day I decided to include a freckled cat in a story. Hmmm, a freckled cat. Is there such a thing? I didn’t know, so I looked it up and found that some cats have a genetic “disease” that gives the appearance of freckles. It’s called Vitiligo disease.

From what I learned, this is something that can affect humans, dogs, cats and other animals. It’s basically a loss of pigment in the skin, which can be seen on human skin. On cats, however, while it affects the skin it shows up on the cat’s fur. A black cat may start turning white in spots or blotches. It’s really rather interesting to see. Here’s a site showing a cat with Vitiligo disease. There are many other sites with pictures in case you want to pursue your own research on this malady.

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