Meowy Monday – Secrets of the Serengeti Cat

A tabby Serengeti cat.Have you heard of the Serengeti cat? I thought it was another cat breed from the African serval, like so many of the exotics, but it is not. It is purely domestic and bred purposely to appear on the wild side, but to be completely domestic.

A biologist came up with the idea for this cat breed in order to discourage people from keeping wild cats as pets. The Serengeti cat was introduced in the 1990s—so they’re a relatively new breed. What I like about them is their eyes. Oh, those beautiful large, slightly slanted eyes. They come with a variety of shades and patterns in their spotted coat. Striking.

So what is their background? As I understand it, Bengal and Oriental shorthair. For photos and more information check out this site.

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