Paws Up for Wednesday – What’s New in the World of Cats?

They say there’s nothing new under the sun, but we all know that isn’t entirely true. For today’s blog post I decided to go in search of unique ideas and products for cats. The first thing I stumbled across had me in stitches, and it was like a, “Why didn’t I think of that, moment.” Here it is, folks—walking your cat in a tote bag. Check it out:

Here’s a story of a calico named Bandit who almost single-pawedly thwarting a couple of real bandits from entering his home with a gun and a crowbar. Yep, Bandit caused such a raucous trying to get his owner’s attention that he was able to chase the potential robbers away before anyone got hurt or anything got taken.

I love this story about an attorney who travels the world with his three beautiful cats. The cats are fancy, too—at least in the photo that accompanies this story. Check it out:

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