Meowy Monday – It’s International Cat Day

Yes, another cat holiday. I went on a search to find out how many cat “holidays” there are and I learned that there are MANY. Some of them are combined into “pet” holidays, including all pets, but there are still dozens throughout the year related just to cats.

So what is the point of International Cat Day? From what I read, this is the day set aside for us to worship the most popular pet on the planet—the cat. Yeah, that’s about right.

According to what I read, there are an estimated 600 million cats in the world. This includes pets, strays, and feral cats.

How do they recommend celebrating? Donate to your favorite cat charity. Check—I did that. Give your cat an extra treat or scratch behind the ear. Yup! And donate blankets, food, toys to a shelter near you. If you have room in your home and your heart, you might adopt a homeless cat or kitten.

Let us know how you celebrated this important cat awareness day.

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