Paws Up for Wednesday – New Klepto Cat Mystery

Yes, there’s a new book on the block. This one I produced while on the move—we’re just back from a 10-day road trip to Texas. Then we stayed three days in San Diego and attended a very special 101st birthday party. I also spent four beautiful days with my three girls for my birthday in June. So I’m afraid I haven’t been quite as prolific with my writing this year. However, Book 58 is now ready for your reading pleasure. Here’s what you’re in for with this story.

Rags has his paws full.

There’s a new cat hoarder in town using a sinister twist with the cats he collects. After watching Rags perform a dangerous act of valor, the cat hoarder wants to add this amazing cat to his collection, and he goes to extremes to get his hands on Rags. Will the tables turn in Rags’s favor before any more felines or humans are harmed?

Meanwhile the Iveys’ housekeeper and dear friend finds herself in deep trouble, and Detective Sledge summons Rags in hopes that he can uncover the clues that will set her free.

Even amidst the chaos the Iveys, along with Michael’s brother and his family, are vacationing together with Rags, of course, keeping things lively. If you’re ready for a relaxing read with just enough excitement to keep you turning the pages, this may be the book for you.


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