Meowy Monday—Take Your Cat to Work Day

Today is National Take Your Cat to Work Day. So many of us these days work at home—when our cats allow it. So we know full-well what it’s like to work with a cat underfoot; on the desk; dancing across the computer keys; or meowing to be fed, played with, noticed… If you work at home with cats, I wonder, how many times a day do you pick up your favorite pen from the floor, move a cat from the paper you’re trying to work on (or your phone or laptop), or clean up a spill of water, paperclips, or paperwork?

Working at home is nothing new for many, but over the last couple of years it has become a way of life for millions more people, who have had to learn to work amidst household activities which include children and pets. Have you ever taken a pet to work at an office away from home, though?

Not every cat would relish or even tolerate going with you to work, but those who would, will surely give your workplace a new dimension of frivolity, mischief, and fun—maybe even calm. Cats can be calming. They’re known to relieve stress in humans—when they’re not causing havoc. Think about it, there are probably plenty of things at your place of business for a cat to push off onto the floor, for example, and lunches to taste, and people to greet.

If you are brave enough to take your cat to work, be sure to provide some way to contain her in case there’s a door-dash problem and bring a bottle of allergy relief for those in your office with cat allergies. Oh yes, and you might warn coworkers to wear something that cat hair doesn’t cling to. No wool or corduroy, for example. Denim and rayon or taffeta repel cat fur, so clothing in these fabrics would be suitable for take your cat to work day.

If you do celebrate this day and you decide to take your cat to work, be sure to report your experience here at the Catscapades blog.

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