Feline Fun Friday–National Garfield Cat Day

Are you a Garfield fan? If so, this is the day to celebrate the “cheeky” cat, as he is called. The Garfield comic strip was established in the 1970s by Jim Davis and featured his own cat and his dog, Odie. As you probably know, the Garfield rage has exploded over the years into movies, many items featuring Garfield motif—such as clothing, knick knacks and even cookbooks featuring “recipes with cattitude.”

Today there’s probably not a corner of the world where Garfield is not known. Hmmm, I wonder if Olivia’s fame will outlive her. Can’t you just see crossy-paws calico pendants, pajamas, bed spreads, leather goods, wallpaper, furniture, and more? Oh, and exciting movies featuring Olivia. Yes, I can see it all now, Olivia on the catwalk wearing diamonds for her first movie premiere.


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