Paws Up for Wednesday — NEW Calico Cat Mystery

It’s my birthday week and what better way to celebrate than to launch a new book. Giddy-Up, Olivia! is Book 8 of the Calico Cat Mystery series, my 64th cozy mystery with cats, and my 108th book total. Here’s the description:

Olivia flaunts her inner cowgirl.

In this story, Olivia teams up with an unlikely cohort. Together, they help solve a spooky mystery and surprise everyone when the two of them capture the mastermind behind it all. Olivia keeps busy on a road trip to Texas. She saves a child after a frightening accident, squeals on a pair of thieves, uncovers an awful small town secret, and tries to tame a herd of out-of-control goats. She also helps a young woman keep from making a painful mistake.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“These books are always heart-warming.”

“The characters are charming, have depth, and are believable, if you can think outside the box.”

“A really fantastic storyline with wonderful characters.”

“This is a very good series.”

“An awesome read!”

Both the kindle and print versions are available at

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