Paws Up for Wednesday – CopyCats

Does your cat sometimes seem to follow in your footprints—you know, imitate something he’s seen you do? I certainly see this trait or ability in Olivia and remember it in other cats I’ve loved. Cats watch and they learn—good or bad, they learn. They know, for example what time of day or evening you’re ready to relax in your favorite spot on the sofa or your favorite chair. Who are you liable to find sitting or sleeping there when you approach? Olivia bats at the window blind pulls and looks at me when she wants me to lift the blinds for her. She loves sitting on her window perch in the evening and watch the world go by. Likewise, she tells me when she wants my office window open so she can enjoy the scents and feel of the out of doors.

Olivia, (as did Lily, and Max) likes to hold or bat at my pens. I often have a writing pen in my hand. Olivia sees this and I frequently catch her holding one of my pens between her paws like she sees me do.

Lily knew how to turn on the bathtub water spigot when she wanted a drink. She couldn’t quite manage it, but she went through the motions of turning it on when I’d walk into the bathroom—showing me what she wanted—copying what she’d seen me do.

Max used to lay on the floor cheek to cheek with me while I fished out one of his toys from under the fridge. Lily used to wear my sandals. I’d take them off and she’d slip her paws into them and take a nap.

Olivia appears to try reading the greeting cards I get in the mail—but she’s probably just trying to knock them over and create chaos. She does express an interest in the things she sees me with—a bottle of nail polish, fresh cantaloupe, the pages of paper I might be working on, my phone, and of course my pens. My pens are hers in her mind.

Has your cat earned the title—copycat? Sometimes does she seem like your little mini-me?


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