Meowy Monday – NEW Calico Cat Mystery

Don’t you love this cover? Bernadette Kazmarski and I are having so much fun using photos of the real Olivia on the covers of my books featuring the fictional Olivia. This is Book 7, Leave it to Olivia.

In this story, Olivia stays on top of the clues in this twisted mystery.

Parker’s spunky Aunt Sharlene needs help. She’s being threatened and is rapidly succumbing to the fear. Olivia finds the clues that might help Sharlene wake up from her nightmare, but not before the woman is arrested for murder. Meanwhile, Olivia has her own challenges. She’s almost pirated away from Parker by unscrupulous scammers, she’s stalked by an aging coyote and ultimately helps him to find peace and safety, and she paws a criminal who tried to rob a young boy of his birthday wish. This is a lively story with a lot of cat action and a surprise ending.

Just for fun here are some reader views for the Calico Cat Mysteries:

“The continuity in this series is exceptional.”

“A pleasant, wholesome, enjoyable read.”

“A really fantastic storyline with wonderful characters.”

“A phenomenal series for cat lovers.”

“I love these fast-paced stories.”

Both the print and Kindle version available now at Order the print version from me at and get an autographed and pawtographed copy (US only) If you bought the print book online, request a bookplate with my autograph and Olivia’s actual pawtograph. Order your copy here:

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2 Responses to Meowy Monday – NEW Calico Cat Mystery

  1. Pearl Hilden says:

    Finished reading “Leave it to Olivia” in one sitting! I thoroughly enjoy her adventures and her sweet personality. Can’t wait for her next book. Hurry, Olivia!

  2. It IS fun to use the real cat! Her knowing expressions are for real, and they make the cover.

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