Feline Fun Friday – What’s Happening in the CC and KC Factory

Last month—March of 2022—we published Book 56 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries and Book 6 of the Calico Cat Mysteries. So where are we today—in late April? It’s all good news.

We’re on the verge of publishing Book 7 of the Calico Cat series, which I also call, Olivia’s series. Watch for the announcement next week.

Book 57 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries isn’t far behind. That manuscript is with the beta reader. I’ll do one more edit and it goes to the final editor. After more proofing, editing, and story-line-consideration we start formatting both the print and kindle version. So I believe we’re looking at a publication date in mid-May.

Meanwhile, I’ve begun work on Book 8 of the Calico Cat Mysteries.

Moving right along.


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