Meowy Monday – When it Comes to Hiring a Cat Sitter

We’re coming upon summer. Things are opening up, and you may be eager to get out of town—you know take a trip, visit people you haven’t seen in a year or more, see the wide open spaces and the interesting small towns out there, seek new adventures. And most of us leave our beloved cats at home when we travel. Are you ready for this?

We’re among the many who may have a chance to get out of town this summer and I’m stressing about leaving Olivia and Sophie.

I’ve been consulting friends who do pet sitting—unfortunately they live in other states, but they have some great tips. I’ve thought hard about what it will take to keep things orderly around here for the cats and how to have all of their needs met. My cats, like most others these last few years, have been forced into isolation. Olivia, in particular, has very few other people-friends.

Oh, we’ve left for an overnight getaway and we’ve had family drop in and feed on schedule and do a quick check on the cats, but for a longer trip I want something more for the cats. I want them to have at least a couple of hours companionship daily. I don’t want them to feel as though they’ve been abandoned. I want eyes on them for more than just a few minutes a day and I’d like some semblance of normalcy and familiarity in their lives during the time we’re gone. PLUS, we need someone here we can trust. I think my preparation and thought for the cats will be far more stressful and intense than the preparation for myself for the trip. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I drive off without packing something important—like cash for the trip or my hair dryer…

Some of you might be planning a get-away this summer and are struggling with the same issues. So I’ve located a couple of sites that might put all of us at ease.

Here’s another one:

and one more:

Safe travels and happy homecoming.

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