Paws Up for Wednesday – How to and Why Should You Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

I was surprised to hear from the veterinarian on Olivia’s first trip there as a kitten that Olivia had a buildup of plaque on her teeth. She was just a kitten! So I bought special food for dental health, some water formula with treatment for cats’ teeth, and dental chew sticks for cats. Since then I’ve read that it is important to clean your cats’ teeth on a regular basis. Now doesn’t that sound daunting? Brushing and combing a cat that doesn’t want to be groomed—oh and trimming their claws—are hard enough without trying to get your hands into their mouth.

In reality, however, there are ways to make teeth-cleaning doable and maybe even an almost pleasant experience for your cats. Here’s a great site with instructions and pictures to help you get started. I’d also like to hear from people who have had experience cleaning their cats’ teeth. Anyone?’s-Teeth


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