Feline Fun Friday – What’s the Most Annoying Thing Your Cat Does?

I’ve had cats that peed outside the litter box—oh, that’s a hard one to deal with. We were pulling up carpeting all the time. We have mostly wood floors now thanks to Max, who crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 17 several years ago.

Some cats shoot for the door every time it’s open, trying to get out. That can be annoying and frightening. Our current cats, Olivia and Sophie run the other way when a door is opened. They don’t seem to want any part of the streets again.

Our sweet tabby, Lily used to beg for food. No matter what I was eating or where I was eating it, she had a paw in my bowl or on my plate trying to grab a bite. I’d sometimes eat my meal outside on the deck or standing up just so I could eat in peace. As much as I loved her sometimes that habit of hers was annoying. She also begged us to turn on water faucets. She loved to drink the fresh flowing water from a spigot.

There are cats that dig in plants, eat the plants, knock out the window screens to get out, knock over knick knacks, run across the piano keys at night, romp around on the bed at night, bring you dead mice and other critters, and pull underwear and socks out of a partially opened drawer.

I know a cat that chewed on plastic and rubber, including computer cables. I’ve had cats that chewed on paper. I couldn’t leave money lying around. Oh, and I’ve had cats that knock small items like an earring or a pen off table, desk and dresser tops, bat them around and sometimes lose them.

Olivia loses her favorite toys, but she’ll usually show me where it is and helps me dig it out from under the frig or a dresser with the yard stick.

Probably Olivia’s most annoying activity is meowing in my ear while I’m working. She wants me to get up and play with her and she doesn’t understand the concept of “wait until I finish this paragraph or this chapter.” Yes, some cats come with annoying habits, but I suppose we annoy them sometimes too with our cutsie way of talking to them–humiliating, and our refusal to always let them have their way, and when we don’t feed them at exactly the time they want to be fed, and when we close the blinds just when they’re enjoying the view. Yeah, people can be annoying too.

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