Paws Up For Wednesday – Neighborhood Cats Report

Today we saw Ash, who used to visit us until we made it possible for him to have a forever home up the street. He’s now Buddy and he was curled up on an outside table sound asleep. His new owner sat at the table with her feet on another chair and two adorable small dogs on her lap. One sweet, happy family.

I visited Rip, my grandson’s cat this week. He’s a total inside cat, who met with a horrible accident or non-accident when he was a kitten. He’s looking good, doing well.

There are a lot of neighborhood cats I miss seeing wander through our yard. Mollie and Annie are the most recent beloved cats to move with their family—all the way to St. Louis. They used to love visiting us, and posing for my camera since they were kittens. They caught an occasional rat or gopher, for which I am thankful, and they just gave our yard a warm, homey feel, besides, they are beautiful. I’ve received a few photos of them in their new home and they appear to be doing well. I wonder if they miss our yard as much as I miss seeing them out there.

Since there are currently no visiting neighborhood cats our yard is being overtaken by tree squirrels. They’re even becoming so brazen as to hang out on the deck when we’re out there.

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