Thoughts for Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy your day and remember to keep your cats safe—no turkey bones or anything chocolate, oniony, or garlicky—which often includes the stuffing. Just about the safest part of the Thanksgiving dinner for your cats is bits of the turkey meat (no skin) and maybe a taste of the pumpkin puree before you add the spices to make the pie.

Watch that small children, who are not familiar with cats, treat the cats gently and that no one inadvertently or otherwise lets an indoor cat out. If someone brings you flowers, make sure they are not toxic. If so, create a lovely bouquet for your outside porch, patio, or deck.

Be prepared to hand out Claritin to those with cat allergies—sadly, we have several in our family. Best, actually, to remind those with cat allergies to take their own medicine before arriving.

Better yet, leave your cats in your quiet home while you go eat at someone else’s home. You can offer to contribute the pies. Bring Fluffy and Max a small helping of turkey. Honey-baked ham is good, but really a bit too rich for a cat.

Enjoy your day and help your cats enjoy theirs comfortably and safely.

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