Frivolous Friday – I Missed That Photo Again     

Cats spend their day posing and I spend my day trying to get that great shot of cats looking cute, funny, clever, smart and just doing catlike things. But there are some photos I can never quite get of my cats doing some of the things they do on a regular basis.

Lily carried toys around in her mouth. She had a huge collection of small stuffed animals and she’d bring a few of them to me almost every morning and drop them at my feet. But do you think I could get a good picture of her doing that? I never did. Oh, I got photos, but nothing really sharp. Usually when she’d see the camera she’d drop the cozy socks or the toy.

Max had a huge problem with using the litter box. Now I didn’t want to get a photo of him doing the bad thing—peeing on the carpet—but this was something I never once in his 17 years saw him do. We pulled up an awful lot of carpet and we did away with throw rugs all because of Max’s bad habit, but we never saw him actually doing it.

I have mentioned Sophie’s stress-licking before. We can see the evidence of her excessive licking—the fur is diminishing in one area—but we have never seen her licking in that area. Mind you, our cats are totally inside. We are home all day most days. The cats rarely hide—all always out in the open and we interact with them often throughout the day.

I’ve told you before about Olivia’s adorable signature stretch. I’ve wanted a photo of that since she was a kitten. She’s a year and a half now and I have just one so-so shot of this. I see her do it all the time and I can anticipate her doing it, but do you think I can capture a good photo of this magnificent performance? Not yet.

I’m pretty good at getting cute kitty sleeping photos like this one of Lily. How about you? Is there something your cat does that you’d like to memorialize in a photo and you can’t quite get the shot? (Lily sleeping, with socks, Olivia stretch)


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