Mindful Monday – Fluffy Cats Created From Sleek Cats

Have you ever wondered how many cat breeds there are that began as shorthair breeds and were developed into longhair varieties? We’re all familiar with the Siamese and her long-furred counterpart the Himalayan. But did you know that the beautiful copper-colored Somali is the longhair version of the Abyssinian?

There’s also the British shorthair and the British longhair, the domestic long- and shorthairs and the American bobtail comes in a shorthair and a longhair version. And some cats even come with wirehair, curly hair and no hair.

Have you ever wondered how many breeds include cats with red (or orange) fur? I was surprised to learn it’s quite a number. I found 26 of them including the Persian, Maine coon, American shorthair/longhair, British shorthair/longhair…

Breeders have found ways over many years to appeal to every cat connoisseur in the size, shape, style, color, and fur type of the cats they breed. What’s your preference?


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